Sentivate Alpha Network – August Code Push

August GitHub Code Push

MSGPack Support
Packet Restructured
Binary Packets
Support Buffers and various types in packet data
Base support for images and videos
Class based Client module
Removed async from sync modules
New certificate format

GitHub Commit :

About 25K additions and almost 25K removals. A lot of refactoring in this update. MsgPack support and packet structure allowed for cleaner code and the removal of more archaic methods. Latest build shows a 37.5% reduction in key sizes. This is still somewhat retained for around 33.7% in certificates when swapping from JSON to MsgPack. There’s an expected 25-30% at the very least drop in packet sizes but will wait until the latest data runs all test valid.

The latest certificates are in MsgPack which means that some data is human readable while other binary data will not be. The only downside to MsgPack is that it’s not so easily human readable directly from the file but it can be. A plugin for the atom editor could support it. Certificates are now called Profiles. Each profile includes a master and ephemeral certificate in a MessagePack format. We’ll be including ephemeral only certificate generation in the next update. Largest feature update yet.

$SNTVT will be adopting as its new UI Framework paired with  – We are moving in the new UI starting today.