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"Sentivate is tackling a real and urging problem. A succesfull implementation of UDSP would truly benefit the entire mankind. Sentivate well identified benefits and shortcoming of both centralized and decentalized internet architecture and attempts to combine the strenghts of both systems within a hybrid blockchain."

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Is Sentivate a decentralized or centralized Web?

Not exactly, Sentivate has a hybrid topology which incorporates both centralized and decentralized topologies. Sentivate's Web called the Universal web is Centralized focused, not blockchain based, and enhanced by decentralized systems. Viat is the other network specifically for cryptocurrency and smart contract operations. Viat is decentralized focused, blockchain based, and enhanced by centralized dedicated systems.

Is Sentivate a realistic and viable replacement for today’s web?

Yes, the project is geared towards a realistic and revolutionary approach as opposed to an evolutionary one. Many aspects of Sentivate can and will be implemented through software only. However, a true implementation will require some hardware modifications to the existing Internet.

Does Sentivate have a replacement for DNS?

Yes, Sentivate has a replacement called DIS, Domain Information System. DIS returns a full cryptographic certificate and as per the protocol,(UDSP), is encrypted by default. Since the DIS provides a cryptographic certificate with the typical DNS information it allows features like 0-RTT prior to ever visiting the site, (unlike DNS + TLS 1.3), if the destination server allows it. 

Is Sentivate Open-source?

Sentivate will open-source various parts of its systems, components, utilities, and libraries over time. The first to be released are the client and server modules.

Is Sentivate similar to IPFS/SUB/Web 3.0/decentralized web/blockchain based web project?

No! Sentivate is not focused on unrealistically changing the webs core centralized nature. It is our belief that any such efforts are and will continue to be futile, misguided, and typically driven by ideology. The Internet is at its best when its centralized aspects are kept. However, Sentivate’s Network design is comprised of some decentralized components of which bare no resemblance to other decentralized focused projects such as IPFS. It is important to stress that we seek to revolutionize the web in an entirely viable realistic manner. If the web of today was to be replaced by a solely decentralized focused web it would severely cripple and massively slow down our infrastructure. It would be a catastrophe to be beholden to a politicized, governed, & moralized protocol and not one based on pure efficacy. Read the full details here  https://sentivate.com/info/the-issues/the-decentralized-web-isnt-the-answer/

What initial replacements & additions will be introduced regarding Sentivate’s Universal Web?

Domain Information System is replacing the Domain Name System. UDSP is replacing HTTP/S. The Identity Registrar will be introduced to identity & accountability bringing order to the Wild Wild West.

What is the purpose of SNTVT?

Those holding SNTVT will be able to gain early access to the network and tools.Each SNTVT token is a vote that can be cast to push the project in a certain direction and vote on important issues.

What dApps support SNTVT?

Our only concern with dApps regarding SNTVT are DEXes and voting apps. You can find trades of SNTVT on ForkDelta and Token.Store

Where is Sentivate HQ located?

We are currently based in USA, NJ. 

Will SNTVT stay as a token?

Only until the swap to Viat. All SNTVT tokens will be burned.

Will SNTVT run on it's own chain?

No, SNTVT will be burned and everyone will be required to swap to Viat. Viat will have its own chain.

What is Viat?

Viat is our mainnet cryptocurrency that is a component of the Sentivate network. SNTVT will be swapped for Viat upon Viat’s launch.

Will there be a test-net?

For Viat, yes. For Sentivate it’s a network that doesn’t require that you use a blockchain for processing requests you are responsible for that when it comes to the Sentivate network. It’s similar to hosting a web app today. 

When will the Sentivate main net launch?

We plan on 2020 - 2021 for the Sentivate network to become functional specifically it's centralized bits.

How would one create an hApp?

Anyone with experience with Javascript and node will have a solid basis for creating hApps.If you have an idea of how technology like websockets function and how reactive component libraries work you’ll have a good idea of where to start. UDSP is similar to websockets in that they are both bi-direction streams that are kept alive for the duration of the app.

Who can create a hApp?

Anyone is free to create an hApp.

Will Sentivate launch its own hApps?

Yes, we will be releasing hApps for our core services and they will be open source.

How is the centralized and decentralized aspects balanced?

We strive for a delicate balance between the both when it comes to control of the network. So things like the DIS are decentralized in it’s distribution and validation but centralized in the signing, selling, and authorizing of domains similar to ICANN. Viat has its own unique balance where the centralized bits aid the decentralized network. Sentivate uses decentralized components to aid the centralized ones.

How will hApps operate on the network?

They will be a new experience for developers and for users. The best way to explain it is.Imagine walking across a bridge that is building itself as you use it.To put it in developer terms hApps are single page streaming web apps that have reactive real-time components. hApps plug directly into UDSP streams in a way it’s similar to a single page app plugged into a web socket.

What are some things in the Sentivate ecosystem?

hApps, DIS, enhanced JS environment, server and client node modules for easy development, new hApp browser, mobile apps, Viat cryptocurrency, Viat based smart contracts, new default design for web components, new components for web apps, UDSP, Identity Certificates, Single sign-on, passwordless logins, never need to remember a password again, new domains.

How will Sentivate attract hApps developers?

hApps offer a new frontier of web app development that developers will want to explore. Companies and exchanges that have high costs associated with bandwidth, speed, and resources have a tremendous amount of capital to save, application performance to gain, and more customers to serve by using the Sentivate network.


ISPs & NSPs looking to alleviate congestion due to IoT devices will have a tremendous monetary incentive to make the switch. 

How  can VIAT be mined?

The main way to mine VIAT is via a full Node. You simply verify transactions and or smart contracts while running a full node and of course hosting the Viat hybrid blockchain.

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Will there be a mobile wallet for Sentivate?

Yes. There will be a mobile wallet for Viat. Everything will be built into the browser and easily accessible 

Will all data be saved on the chain?

Most certainly not. For example a centralized service can store it’s data however it sees fit. We will take no part in forcing data costs onto users like IPFS and dApps. Anyone familiar with running a service on the modern web will have a good idea of the data storage setup for hApps. It’s the same idea. If you are hosting a service for users then you must be concerned with those costs not your users. However, users can generate Viat by hosting web resources for those services that enable it. 


The only services that will involve blockchain data are Viat, DIS, and vaguely the decentralized nodes hosting content to support the centralized services.

Does Sentivate have smart contracts?

Yes. However, the smart contracts are significantly more intelligently designed and have drastically different specifications and computational costs. 

Will there be summits and events?

Yes, without a doubt.

Does Sentivate operate on a blockchain?

Sentivate is a complex network. To say that the network operates on a blockchain would be largely down right incorrect. There are a ton of moving parts to Sentivate. Components that use blockchain technology are Viat, DIS, and vaguely the decentralized nodes hosting content to support the centralized services. 


The current space seems to want to “blockchain everything”. Our perspective is, use the right tool for the job.

Is Viat interoperable?

That we will leave up to others who have such a desire. We have no desire at this present moment to incorporate other blockchains.

Will Sentivate use AI?

Yes, in many ways and in a few different contexts. However, we want to keep those details proprietary.

Who are the direct competitors to Sentivate?

Currently no project is attempting to create a new web that has centralized & decentralized  aspects while replacing things like DNS & HTTP. Creating a new front-end developer experience and back-end experience resulting in an entirely different type of web app.


We consider anyone proposing a solely decentralized web our competitors, although we have strikingly different approaches. Ultimately anyone making an attempt to replace the web we have today we see as our competitors.


Projects like EOS & IPFS we see as indirect competitors. IFPS is highly idealistic with what seems to be a touch of far left leaning political ideology. To us IPFS is a “cool” experimental project but otherwise isn’t viable as an actual replacement for the web we have today. The issues surrounding these networks are publicly visible on their github pages.


EOS on the other hand is a network controlled by a select few people masquerading as a decentralized network. Anyone who does a good amount of digging will see that EOS was created as a cash grab during the boom of ICOs and cryptocurrency. Considering the history of the founder and locations of their fund. It’s very easy to see they had one thing in mind. It clearly wasn’t to build a decentralized network like they first promised and advertised.


If their intention is to offer an alternative web and not to replace the existing, then they fit well in that context. Once they venture out of that context it’s very easy to point out the many flaws of their network when it comes to a viable replacement.

How will Sentivate forge adoption?

In a nutshell. There are several community outreach operations that will bring in new users. Development of new applications that can't be offered through the traditional web will attract users. The Viat swap itself will bring over countless new users because you need to use the Sentivate network to get to Viat.

Will traditional websites be viewable in the Sentivate Browser? 

Yes, you will be able to navigate the World Wide Web & the Universal Web.

After the Viat launch will Sentivate be called Viat?

Viat runs on the Sentivate Network. Viat is not Sentivate or vice versa. The Viat site will only be accessible over the Sentivate network with a browser that supports the Universal Web.

Where can I find the Whitepaper?

We have our whitepaper published on our GitHub page, you can also browse to our whitepaper page and find several other language links.