Hybrid Apps are self-constructing streamed single-page-applications. Applications are designed in a highly modular fashion. Application’s assets are contained in their own file and are streamed to the client on an as needed basis. Only exactly when the client needs the resource is it fetched and delivered. Sentivate’s components allow for highly module asset streaming. For example, components can share the same CSS or HTML assets which ensures shared assets are only downloaded once and the duplicate code is never sent over the wire. Server loads and bandwidth is drastically decreased with this methodology as now the client is only pulling exactly what is needed.Hybrid Apps can utilize an opt-in decentralized P2P CDN for assets in addition to other centralized CDN services. Making use of a Hybrid Content Delivery Network means that hybrid apps have high availability, scalability, and more bandwidth for real-time dynamic content.


All the benefits of centralized systems & decentralized networks provide hApps with the highest scalability potential. hApps are built using reactive, dynamic, and modular development methodologies. hApps are streamed and built over time much like a bridge building itself as you walk across. Only one initial page load takes place and thereafter pages are dynamically built as needed similar to Single-page-apps.