Domain Information System

The Domain Information System (DIS) is responsible for returning domain-specific information from human-readable hostnames. The DIS encompasses the functionality of DNS on the Sentivate network. There are a few important differences between DIS & DNS. The DIS is encrypted by default via UDSP. The DIS also returns the domain’s certificates which include cryptographic details & routing information. By including the hostnames cryptography along with routing information, 0-RTT is possible without requiring the client to have visited the domain prior. This is a unique advantage over TLS 1.3 in that 0-RTT is available by default where as in TLS 1.3 one would need to of visited the site prior.Before clients connect to a website they must first query the DIS with a human-readable hostname. The DIS will then respond with the domain’s cryptographic details and routing information. The DIS can also return geocentric routing information allowing clients to take advantage of a host’s potentially geographically distributed global network. Clients can then quickly use the fastest route to the host’s servers in respect to their location. This feature abstracts geographical load-balancing allowing hosts to rely less on their own load-balancing infrastructure.