Viat is the main embedded cryptocurrency on the Sentivate Network. It makes use of the hybrid network by utilizing a hybrid blockchain to process transactions faster than either topology ever could. Viat is designed to be fast, secure, and have some of the lowest transaction fees available. Viat is designed so that the decentralized network and the centralized portions can process transactions making the network less congested yet at the same time retain the highest security and limit attacks. We have kept most of the design details under wraps until the Viat White Paper is released. The details we will confirm currently is that Viat will have a dynamic proof of work and a dynamically changing algorithm for the work itself making it extremely difficult, expensive, and or entirely unrealistic to build an ASIC for Viat mining.

Hybrid Topology

Viat is the native cryptocurrency for the Sentivate network. Viat is decentralized focused and enhanced by centralized components. Due to Viat’s additional centralized components, features like instant transactions & fund security are available. However, these features are opt-in only allowing users to forge their own path.


Viat has a dynamic proof of work which can be mined two ways. Direct mining is the main method & the second method is through the use of packet puzzles in UDSP. Packet puzzles allow for passive mining of Viat while browsing the Universal Web. However, it’s not enabled by default. The situations which arise that enable packet puzzles are: upon connection handshake, connection liveliness check, DDoS protection, congestion control, and or the service chooses to enable it for their own reasons. It is up to the service to enable packet puzzles. This ensures that there is no need for constant mining in the background and gives real purpose to the mining process. Otherwise, it would be on all the time sucking up resources & eating into battery life.

Tied Into the Universal Web

Identity & Domain certificates also double as Viat wallet keys. This allows users to not only instantly sign into a service during connection handshake but also provide a way to purchase goods from services, tip sites, and or refund clients. Viat is an integral part of the full functionality of the Universal Web without it only part of the picture is there.