Universal Data Stream Protocol

User’s demands have changed and our requirements of the web have grown. These changes make HTTP a major bottleneck with the heart of the issue being TCP. Large data centers moving copious amounts of data from one end-point to the other have latency and cost issues associated with outdated Internet Architecture. HTTP is especially problematic when users are experiencing low throughput, limited bandwidth, degraded network connectivity, or requiring a near real-time response. The first step in the construction of the Universal Web is to replace HTTP and TCP entirely with UDSP.UDSP is a UDP based low-latency, real-time, bi-directional, encrypted, and reliable Internet Protocol. UDSP is for streaming and or transferring any type of data. UDSP establishes an encrypted bi-directional stream between two clients or one to many clients. All Internet communication on the Sentivate Network utilizes UDSP. When visiting a site on the Sentivate Network UDSP is the protocol used. Specific UDSP client and server modules are required to visit or host a website or service on the Sentivate Network.UDSP is also a viable protocol for machine-to-machine communication and the world of IoT. The packets are specifically designed to be easily digested and quickly utilized. UDSP is for low-latency high-throughput communication making it ideal for dispersed computing and parallel computing environments.Turn DDOS attacks into profit with UDSP. Dynamic proof of work puzzles can be dynamically turned on in packets by the server. The server can also decide if at any moment the amount of Viat split the amount between the client and itself. These two options allow a server to profit from a DDOS attack by forcing the attacker’s multiple machines to do a small proof of work which in turn provides Viat to the server owner. The server can ensure under DDOS attacks that it receives all of the profits from the solved dynamic proofs of work in packets sent to clients. The client can fetch or solve the given puzzle and submit it for validation.Profit by simply being active on the network. That movie you just bought from Amazon instant just paid for itself in Viat, because of UDSP.

  • UDP
  • Reliable
  • Encryption is mandatory
  • User Space – Easily upgraded & Evolving
  • Multiplex & Multihoming
  • IPv6 Ready
  • Passwordless login
  • Single sign-on for the Internet