Sentivate Social and Browser Launch

Sentivate Social and Browser Launch


Today, we are excited to share Sentivate Social with our community! We have acknowledged the need to bridge the gap between devs and non-devs, crypto users and superusers. We have now merged all of our online communities: the Github, Wiki, guides, SNTVT tutorials, Sentivate artwork, community events, code downloads, apps, widgets and updates into a single dashboard called Sentivate Social Dashboard. Here you will be able to tap into our entire network, everything SNTVT related with no need to ever leave.

It is a place for the entire SNTVT community to meet in a single dashboard. It is capable of hosting, planning, and scheduling community events down to a google map pin. It is also a place to on-board new users to the network and a place for existing and superusers to learn more about the Sentivate ecosystem.

As our founder, Tom Marchi, has stated, “Sentivate Social will grow to be the heart of Sentivate. A hub to gather the wealth of information and code that is spread out across several platforms into a single, unified platform. As we continue through the week, we will be adding content, code, 3rd party integrations, and some design updates!”

There are both public and private groups, allowing users to form their own groups and respective group chats. Additionally, you have access to SNTVT forums and social wall to keep an eye on all conversations occurring within the Sentivate ecosystem as well as updates and adjustments made by both the team and the community within the social dashboard.

We are aware of our community’s concern for privacy, hence why the only required fields to register on the dashboard has been set to Username, Password, Email, and Forum Name. All others have been removed with the community member’s in mind. We will continue to transition content over Sentivate related info and news to the new platform,

Preview of the Dashboard


About Sentivate

Sentivate is a revolutionary internet architecture with a hybrid topology consisting of both centralized and decentralized systems; with a to go beyond the capabilities that any centralized or decentralized network offers. $SNTVT is designed to be a realistic replacement for the Web we have today.

You can find more information about Sentivate on our Website, Telegram, Discord, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.