February Update – Full Digest

We are gearing everything up now for Phase 2, our largest feature update going out with Sentivate’s company. The foundation is as follows New Corporate filings > New Properties > Update existing properties > provide a platform for the $SNTVT community to exchange information and conduct commerce > Feature updates & with a browser .EXE/.APP

The Universal Web Inc has been filed in Wyoming with a second up coming in Singapore. The Universal Web Inc will be the development branch and provide greater flexibility which is now mandatory for things like exchanges for US based companies. The Singapore listing will set the stage for the listings to commence after. Sentivate’s various international sites will be launching this week along with new designs.

The site will also provide the first binaries for the Sentivate Browser starting with Mac and Windows.


Since the company is now formed into a C-corp we are pursuing funding strictly for Sentivate related operations Exchanges > Marketing > Development in that order. A new deck will also follow which includes the new Team and titles.

The main objective of the new formations in Wyoming and Singapore is to ensure we can actually do what we need to from exchange listings to marketing.

The following listings we will pursue following the appointment of the President of Sentivate Singapore & funding. Kucoin, Liquid, Gate we are also considering much more now that we have a far more flexible & rational legal framework that the US frankly is failing miserably on. State side is far too restrictive and the legal landscape is quickly changing thus no definitive answers can be observed with confidence. These new filings open the doorway with exchanges as many are afraid of US related legal concerns as are we.

A private investor deck will be finished today. However, that deck is for VCs, Angel Investors, Funders, and large tech corporations only.


Filing for the new company in Wyoming is just about wrapped up, contracts are being re-drawn.

One big issue we have come to learn is the legal framework for US based folks is becoming more and more strict. It’s a gridlock at this point and the only way out is Wyoming for one side and the other Singapore. The states need to work on embracing new technology.


Starting today uploads have already started which include the newly acquired designs that will start on and carry over to all other properties. The $SNTVT store will be having its official opening this month.

Since the filing has kicked off and Godaddy has remedied their hosting issues (We use several providers(Due to international domain law we were unable to setup an external CN domain on our provider of choice thus we had to choose GD)). We are off to the races.

Make sure to check out the CN whitepaper translation.


The nodes make sense of the data and perform actions on the immutable data itself and then are passed to exit nodes which send the data to components subscribed to a particular data feed. All components are reactive state machines and can be for GUI use or data holders. The state machines are technically infinite state machines. The state machines can also be finite.

Utility Libraries will also all be updated & reflect the new updates to ECMA script like the new Flatten methods. These utility libs are the basis for all Node/JS related products we build & are mandatory. The libs are included with Universal Web Apps out of the box.New version libraries will be released for all utility libraries which are built into the development environment for every universal web app.

We are working on browser .EXE/.APP for Windows and Mac operating systems. Server will still be command line for now like servers today, we have have started working on a GUI for the server interface but not a priority at the moment.


As requested by several $SNTVT community members, we reached out to the team at @enjin.

$SNTVT has been added to the ENJ wallet, although it was already supported you should see it now without being a custom token.

ParJar Gaming

Enjoy telegram gaming and earning prize tokens? We’ve partnered up with a few teams to bring a gaming room with prizes to community members.

This is a pure gaming channel for members of 1UP, AMGO, DYT, PAR, SNTVT and TTR communities which are connected by @ParJar.

To be eligible to win a prize you need to be a member of the group who sponsors the game.

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