The Roadmap is updated every 3 months at the end of the 3rd month.

We’ll never release info drastically ahead of time only on or near the date.



Generate keypairs & certificates for the Sentivate network via a Node module. Identity certificates are the foundation of the network. Ephemeral certificates provide wallet creation, service/website access, and are required to establish a UDSP stream. Code will be posted on our Github and published to NPM.


Certificates will need to be signed when the network is up. 



Users can begin to generate domain specific certificates.Domains can be purchased and reserved ahead of schedule via SNTVT (30% off), BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, & BNB. All domain certificates will be signed by SNTVT and can be validatable with our public key. When the DIS goes up you can validate certificates through it. Discord members have a total of 40% off on domain reserves when purchasing with SNTVT.



Client & Server NODE.JS Module Prototype with ALPHA release of UDSP – Client to server communication prototype that will allow fast prototyping of components for the network like the DIS.



A key component to the Universal Web is a replacement for the Domain Name System called the Domain Information System. Sentivate’s DIS provides the cryptographic certificates from sites to the DIS as opposed to just the standard DNS info. The DIS responds with routing information & cryptographic parameters all in the form of a cryptographically verifiable domain certificate. This is a key function of the Universal Web. Those not familiar with the Minimalt papers we urge you to give them a read to better understand the issues with DNS and our solutions.



In order to establish cryptographic trust an Identity Registrar must be fully operational to protect against Sybil attacks and sign off on new identity certificates entering the network. When a client attempts to connect to a service via a 0-RTT encrypted handshake they must include their Identity Certificate. The first packet includes the IC so that the service can quickly compute a set of shared keys and establish a 0-RTT connection. For cryptographic info on the handshake process used read this.



Following the core Identity & Domain systems the browser becomes a priority. The Identity systems will be integrated into the browser in the form of profiles making it easy for everyone to use. There will be a huge focus on providing a new developer experience on the Universal Web. The browser is capable of viewing both the WWW & the UW. However, UW domains don’t require the protocol information and all WWW sites must be HTTPS.