ELI5 – Sentivate Is Building A Brand New Web 3.0

The Internet as we know it is not up to the demands of the future. Bandwidth is reaching its limits as technology grows exponentially and the Internet is becoming available for new populations in under-developed countries. Personal devices are multiplying, household appliances are feeding you more information and self-driving cars are about to become a reality. The Web in its present form is bursting at the seams and unless something is done the requests for more bandwidth will have to go begging and all will come to a shuddering standstill.

Bandwidth is also particularly damaging to business and lack of it is causing latency that is costing enterprises literally billions in lost revenue. For example, even as far back as 2012, a study reported that for Amazon, a one-second delay in a page loading was costing them $1.6 billion in lost sales. 10 years later and Amazon has experienced a further 6% drop in sales, totally attributable to an ever-increasing latency cost.

What we have at present needs to be replaced root and branch and this means completely re-designing the protocols, the browsers and the platforms so that they are able to operate with vastly increased speed, security and efficiency.

The current state of the web