Sentivate vs EOS – Control & Security

The question that was asked was “After the swap to VIAT, it will be its own blockchain? The internet you are creating you claim to be part centralized and part decentralized, will VIAT tokens/wallets be centralized in the way lets say EOS and BAT are? Or will we have complete control over our tokens and not fear you will be able to control them?”

After the swap VIAT will operate on-top of the Sentivate network along with it’s own blockchain technology.

EOS takes too strict of a view and VIAT is far more decentralized. We strive for efficiency rather than tyrannical control. We have also designed the system so that if the community chooses they could ignore the centralized aspects of the system & seek only to communicate with decentralized nodes. We will have an opt in functionality when it comes to security of users assets. So if you would like your wallet to be frozen you can voluntarily opt in for that during the creation of the wallet. This way if you do and would like your wallet frozen at any time you can submit additional credentials to verify you are the owner and have it frozen. This way businesses can feel safe and those who want to ensure they have control of their funds no matter what feel secure. There may be additional fees for those features instead of forcing everyone into one side of the coin or the other like EOS did.