What happens to SNTVT after the Viat swap?

The SNTVT to Viat swap will occur when Viat launches. The Viat launch is planned about a year out after the Sentivate network launches. Our main focus for the Sentivate launch is its core systems as to enable hApp development early on. We want to make the decentralized portions for the web side of things more of a plug and play module than something developers need to worry about. Writing an hApp is easier than writing a normal web app. An issue we find with dApps is the extra knowledge required to write one. We want to make development easy and have created a reactive component based library that all web devs should be easily familiar with. The front-end lib is based on Ractive with several additions to interact with UDSP streams.

SNTVT tokens will be burnt after the swap and we will be leaving the Ethereum network as it would mark the end of its service. To not burn the tokens would be counter intuitive in terms of the swap. To not liquidate the SNTVT tokens during the swap would offset the value of Viat.

We hope to work with all involved exchanges in order to make the swap easy for those currently trading the token. Anyone who can prove they own a wallet holding SNTVT can send it to us. When we launch VIAT we will guide users through the process. The idea is to make sure it’s an easy and clean swap with nothing left behind. We see many flaws with the Ethereum network if it were intended to do what we are designing Sentivate to do. With that being said once we make the swap we will be leaving it entirely.