Universal Data Stream Protocol - UDSP

A real-time reliable UDP based protocol

UDSP is Sentivate’s main protocol which replaces HTTP/s for all network based communication. UDSP is a UDP based protocol that is reliable, real-time, & encrypted by default. UDSP is much less “chatty” and lighter than HTTP. User’s demands have changed as we began to require more from the web and TCP has become a major bottleneck. Large data centers moving copious amounts of data from one end-point to the other have latency and cost issues associated with outdated Internet Architecture. HTTP is especially problematic when users are experiencing low throughput, limited bandwidth, or a near real-time response. 

UDSP is also a viable protocol for machine-to-machine communication and the world of IoT. The packets are specifically designed to be easily digested and quickly utilized. UDSP is for low-latency high-throughput communication making it ideal for dispersed computing and parallel computing environments.

  • UDP
  • Reliability
  • Encryption is mandatory
  • User Space – Easily upgraded & Evolving
  • Multiplex & Multihoming
  • IPv6 Ready
  • Passwordless login
  • Single sign-on for the Internet