Documents received will only be reviewed

Limited to private offers with qualified investors only. Please refer to the law of your respective country to find out more about the qualified investor standard. In order to acquire a large quantity of SNTVT tokens you must first be a qualified investor. If you meet those standards email us at [email protected] with your contact details, valid identification, current residency, and the amount you are looking to acquire. If you are found to meet initial standards we will email you back regarding further steps. If you do not meet the standards of what is considered a qualified investor or other potential issues, we will include that in our response. CURRENTLY OFFERS WILL ONLY BE REVIEWED


Sentivate will not have a public sale.


The price of a single token or a quantity of less than 25,000 is the exact price of GAS which is roughly 10 -15 cents minimum per-token.

The price of a wholesale amount of tokens, more than 25,000, is currently 0.00008010 ETH per-token.