Educating Nigerians about the uniqueness of the Sentivate Network – Bringing Nigerians closer to understanding value

$SNTVT community meetup was a big success back in May

The event took place in the State Capital of Kwara in Ilorin and  held at the Captain Cook Event Centre.

The turn out was amazing,  this event was the first type of crypto event held in the City of Ilroin. A record of 100 members participated during this event which really served as an eye opener for the people of Ilorin. Many participants were intrigued to learn about Sentivate’s approach to solving web issues. As a result, this event acted as a catalyst that geared the people of Ilorin into buying their first ever Cryptocurrency SNTVT.

Not only did we manage to reach the community of the City of Ilorin but we managed to build a group and set up community meetings scheduled for the last Saturday of every Month.

Congratulations to the 6 raffle winners of the Sentivate shirts and SNTVT  tokens. The SNTVT team would like give a special thank you to our Africa community team for holding his great community engagement event.