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The Sentivate project, symbol SNTVT is a hybrid solution that intends to:


I would like to clarify and explain the Sentivate project in a very easy manor, so kindly please take a few seconds to peep this out and identify what you know already and/or can extend on with more of a solid understanding of this great thing we have in SNTVT. I feel that this one is going to initiate a change the landscape of web technologies and protocol standard to say the very least so I am gonna dig in to what this tech has evolved into

The average joe investor or trader that might not have clue about the nuts & bolts of blockchain, no less internet nor any technology in specific and logically following the information currently published and presented as is be inclined to think that this is a rival or replacement to the existing www/internet we all use and are familiar with. The project is about a new layer of web protocols working on hybrid client/server network partially centralized but do not let me get ahead of myself or confuse you-let’s take a step back…

What is a web protocol — a pipeline or highway of information for the client and server to communicate back and forth… when I say client a perfect example as Sentivate used in that Alpha release back in July with the web browser as the client and the server side code response demonstrated — that is the exchange of information by the web protocol I just explained.

To give you the acronyms to help paint the picture when you use your web browsers you will always see HTTP or HTTPS… this is the current standard web communication protocol. The Sentivate solution’s core functionality is harnessed by their web protocol called UDP so instead of using the prefix in you browser for each website you go to on the Sentivate network would use UDP:// instead of HTTP:// and that would then redirect the information that web page sends using the Sentivate UDP communication tunnel or pipeline like I explained above creating a separation from the legacy internet protocol HTTP. To be very simplistic this a layer or extension of the current world wide web as you use and a pitch to blow the whole thing up but rewrite and optimize what and where it is smart to…(remember my comments about hardware update over software etc) make sense?

You have a custom web solution (using that new sentivate pipeline**) for business that is faster and more secure just to start if I were to describe why I would want my businesses custom web applications running off UDP not HTTP… data transmission is time, and what hell does time mean???


Just touching on the performance enhancement is enough functionality techy talk for now as I am not going to throw anymore technical details or acronyms at you in this piece but I will publish another soon explaining more in depth about their upcoming GitHub publish. I don’t think that is the goal here today, but clarification on what the heck this project is all about. There is a reason Tom Marchi and crew attacked the web transportation communication protocols and to summarize this, it was the most optimizable arena by software with the most business applicable impact. See you have the ability to expedite and leverage communication tunnels this impacts business performance directly and has immediate impact if capable and what Sentivate has done is created the capability and then released a proof of concept in that Alpha full network release. Since then Tom has been coding functionality of the software to extend and open up the ability for other developers out there to use industry standard languages and protocol to tool and extend this new UDP over HTTP world themselves and tailor unique custom extension efforts or enhancements and really open up the Sentivate SDK (Software Development Kit) to be a universal web developers go to library in the future to come!

Another point I wanted to make is that Sentivate explained why they did not need to touch certain areas of the current www like TCP-IP and how hardware and not software innovations are where the money is at for that future scaling should be applied to put it in my own words nevertheless you get the picture I am painting hopefully.

Lastly consider the fact that Sentivate has a fleet of existing customers and clientele that cannot be named due to NDA/legality understandably. But the reason I mention this is fact that some of these companies will be the first use case potentially to go live with the software and what information I was able to get from the official team is that social media automation including future social media industry solutions are the primary focus at the moment for business development furthermore pending legal compliance an exchange is planned to be included.

A partner company that can be publicly disclosed is TemplarTitan, who currently work together with the Sentivate developers to build a “disaster recovery response”application that will establish ground communications focusing on privacy and security for a client that will mitigate these disaster recovery scenarios respectfully speaking. This is a huge factor in this arena as such disaster environments are working from typically unpredictable networks and latency or outtage plagued web communication occurs non-stop. It is very nice to see and identify how applicable and relevant the application of technology to business that Sentivate and their solution is aiming for validated with realtime examples like the explained above in a real world case scenario that could be used today if available.

So I sincerely apologize if I did confuse any as the purpose of this was to help educate more on the motion in the ocean in regards to Sentivate, currently trading on Stex as SNTVT and feel free to visit their official telegram here at I will be continuing to produce updates related this project and others so stay tuned. The next focus for myself and this project will be to delve into the nitty gritty of the upcoming software release to explain what the functionality is, and how it can be applied to a business or customer etc nevertheless BTFD for life and happy Q4 crypto nation.


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