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      Jordy Manyoma

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      Ok just read the wallpaper and I have multiple questions, mostly about UDSP.

      You claim TCP error checking is a hassle and a waste of resources, but I don’t see how you can ensure reliability and ensuring the end user gets the data if you throw all error checking and retreanmission out the window…

      TCP has a reliability layer built it. UDP doesn’t so the answer is simple we coded one. One word HTTP3. Drops TCP for UDP like we have been saying. It’s a mixture of HTTP and QUIC.

      How does UDSP behaves on a network with 30% packet loss for example? with TCP you would see a ton of retransmissions and slowness, but the app would still work

      Yes TCPs reliability algorithm is outdated trash. Look at QUICs for a detailed over view of what the current implementations look like. People who ask this seem to be confused with how protocols work. You can build these additional layers on top of UDP like the encryption layer and reliability layer.

      Why build your own browser and not a plugin for existing browsers? this will make adoption easier.

      Not possible need much lower level access. I would look into the restrictions placed on browser extensions and the access available to them.
      If you tried to retrofit things into chrome via extensions one would need to use channels there wouldn’t be a fluid form of communication and would be slower than the alternative because of all the middleware you are going through. Best way is to use Electron which is based off of Chrome and Node. Package it up and ship. That’s how you do that correctly. This project is was too big and way too complex for it to be a simple chrome extension hahahaha. I laugh a bit every time I hear that.

      Do you have interoperability plans? how would a regular non sentivate user access sentivate applications?

      Server & Client modules very easy. Plug and play environment via Node & NPM.

      Another confusion I see if that you assume that when shipping the browser you need to install Node. This isn’t the case it’s all packaged up ready to go. If you are developer working with Node or attempting to use a Node module I seriously hope you have Node installed or chances are you need to start back with the basics haha. Much like any project dependencies are needed during development. Skype uses Electron which uses Node are people installing Node before they install Skype? Of course not it’s all packaged up into one install called Skype. It’s a click and run depending on your OS.


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