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      Jordy Manyoma

      Brought to you by Alex Libertas

      Sentivate describes itself as a hybrid web built to be a viable and realistic replacement for the modern web. They believe it will be faster, safer and more scalable than any solely centralized or decentralized web. In being a hybrid of the two, they feel they have designed the most efficient combination of a centralized web system but enhanced by decentralized components.

      This new hybrid web will help them to tackle the following issues: bandwidth crisis, outdated protocols, broken DNS, lack of accountability, lack of identity, reactive security, Domain rules, and web categorization.

      Sentivate are looking to tackle the increasingly concerning issue of having limited bandwidth on the current world wide web with a rapidly expanding human population. They believe that the state of the bandwidth we have available today will not match the current growth of humanity and the demands that we will place on this system as we look to stay interconnected at a global scale.

      The current components of HTTP and DNS are outdated and will continue to have scalability issues as more and more businesses move online and more of the world starts to get access to the internet. HTTP is the current vehicle for money and to have issues with bandwidth and scalability can be very costly to a business, in fact it was reported in 2012 that a one second delay could cost Amazon 1.6BB in sales.

      For more fundamental analysis on Sentivate, you can view Blockfyre’s 20 page presentation on the project here.

      I sat down with Thomas DeMarchi, Co-Founder and developer at Sentivate to discuss the project more.

      When did you first hear about Crypto and what was it that drew you into this space?

      Very early on I saw BTC on GitHub and that piqued my initial interest. From there I got involved in mining with friends and slowly after trading. Eventually I wrote a Binance and leverage trading bot. It was as high speed as possible within the context of API limits. One issue the bots ran into is that it couldn’t trade as fast as it wanted to because of an API or network rate limitations. This over time was adjusted to more of an opportunistic trading bot that took in more details. We’ll be releasing a trading bot or code for it on the Sentivate Network exclusively at some point. We had experimentations and prototypes of blockchain related tech for purely research and development purposes. The experiments were designed to prototype ideas quickly and see how they could play out on a larger network.

      What is your background and what was the driving force behind starting (or joining) Sentivate?

      I’ve been building websites, creating GUI designs, and mobile apps for local businesses since the eighth grade. In my senior year of high school, I started building an experimental social network (LNKit). I went to college for a short time at NJIT, but quickly realized that the courses were aimed at pumping out entry-level developers, and I already had working apps & paying clients.

      I’ll keep the bit about myself short as I prefer the focus to be on the work. I’m a builder at heart, have a constant need to create, and I continually strive for perfection in my work. I have been developing longer than half my life span. I have built a plethora of apps in different subject matters such as: genetic applications, mobile apps, neuromorphic front/back-ends, utility libraries, websites, real-time apps, social media automation, social networks, benchmarking software, security, frameworks, high speed trading apps, CSS design frameworks, RFID solutions, media applications, torrent streaming, IT, modified browsers, and GUI designs.


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