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      Jordy Manyoma

      1. Trading of goods that are illegal in the seller’s or buyer’s country is forbidden.

      2. Insert a [CLOSED] tag to the subject line when your offer is no more open.

      3. Bumps are limited to once per day (24 hours), yes this includes “updates”, that’s what the edit button is for. Old bumps should be deleted as they serve no purpose, and only clutter up topics and make it more annoying to read.

      In these times of Mass scammers out there, I urge people to use an escrow. There are many good members out there willing to help to secure the bitcoin community, There are also more people willing to do anything to scam you out of your coins, Please just do your research on someone before you part with your hard earned coins.

      What is an escrow?

      1) Buyer meets seller but afraid to do the deal for the lack of reputation on both sides. (the age old conundrum – who will send first?)
      2) They meet an escrow person, someone who’s not likely to run with the amount transacted.
      3) Buyer sends coins to escrow, escrow confirms acceptance.
      4) Seller sends item to buyer, giving tracking numbers to buyer and escrow person.
      5a) Buyer confirms acceptance, escrow sends coins to seller.
      5b) Buyer states item lost/damaged, escrow mediates the transaction based on evidence of both sides and decides who to send coins to.

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