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      Jordy Manyoma

      Brought to you by LilUziVertcoin

      Sentivate is a revolutionary advancement in the internet architecture. Sentivate has a hybrid topology consisting of interconnected centralized and decentralized systems, and designed to go beyond the capabilities that any solely centralized or decentralized network could offer. Sentivate has the ability to operate in a decentralized or centralized topology, if the need ever arose, giving it a unique dynamic topology.
      Sentivate is designed to be a realistic and viable replacement for the increasingly sluggish Web we have today.

      Hey Tom. I appreciate you taking the time to join me today.

      Can you tell us more about yourself and Sentivate?

      Thanks for having me Uzi. I’ll keep the bit about myself short as I prefer the focus to be on the work. I’m a builder at heart, have a constant need to create, and I continually strive for perfection in my work. I have been developing longer than half my life span. I have built a plethora of apps in different subject matters such as: genetic applications, mobile apps, neuromorphic front/back-ends, utility libraries, websites, real-time apps, social media automation, social networks, benchmarking software, security, frameworks, high speed trading apps, CSS design frameworks, RFID solutions, media applications, torrent streaming, IT, modified browsers, and GUI designs.

      Enough of me though and onto Sentivate, The Universal Web, and Viat its native cryptocurrency. The Sentivate Network is effectively two separate networks that are interoperable and have the opposite balance in topology.

      The first and most important network is the Universal Web. The UW is designed to be a realistic, viable, and true replacement for the web we have today. The UW is centralized focused but can be enhanced by decentralized components. The UW brings a series of replacements for the core software technologies that drive the web such as HTTP & DNS. There are new technologies that are introduced into the mix like the Identity System & Viat integration which are missing from the web.

      The second network is Viat and it’s decentralized focused and can be, if opted-in, by centralized systems. This allows Viat to offer things like wallet security & instant transactions. Viat offers this without doing what other cryptocurrencies do like freezing wallets without direct permission to do so. Wallets that have these features enabled are all publicly visible allowing consumers and businesses to operate with some level of confidence and trust not present in other cryptos.

      How did you get your first break into the world of cryptocurrency?

      Very early on I saw BTC on GitHub and that peaked my initial interest. From there I got involved in mining with friends and slowly after trading. Eventually I wrote a Binance and leverage trading bot. It was as high speed as possible within the context of API limits. One issue the bots ran into is that it couldn’t trade as fast as it wanted to because of an API or network rate limitations. This over time was adjusted to more of an opportunistic trading bot that took in more details. We’ll be releasing a trading bot or code for it on the Sentivate Network exclusively at some point. We had experimentations and prototypes of blockchain related tech for purely research and development purposes. The experiments were designed to prototype ideas quickly and see how they could play out on a larger network.


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