We appreciate those who help us out. We will send anyone who helps us spread the word on websites, blogs, or social media Sentivate tokens. Don’t worry we will get to you we have a team working 24/7 to ensure everyone in the airdrop receives their SNTVT tokens.


After you join the Sentivate discord. You can gain a bounty from creating a never expiring affiliate link and sharing it with friends. The more successful joins you have the more tokens you are awarded for a bounty. Each invite is 10 SNTVT. If you run a community contact us for a more detailed arrangement.


Depending on the quality of the video, information presented, and the reach we will send you a fair amount of SNTVT. Be sure to tweet the video to us in order for us to view it. Make sure to include your ETH address in your video description.


If you change your telegram name to include “ airdrop” we will send you 500 SNTVT this name change must be held for 30 days. You must inform us of when you changed it so we can keep track to ensure no rules are broken.


Change your Steam username to for 1 week and be awarded a bounty of 500 SNTVT. You must first tweet to us a picture of your Steam account with as your username and provide a link to your Steam account. After 7 days tweet use back with a screenshot of your account and we will verify that your account still has as it’s username. We will then tweet you back for your ETH wallet address. Your username must remain for exactly 7 days and until you notify us so that we can verify it.


Depending on the reach a bounty ranging from 100 to 5000 SNTVT tokens can be awarded. Make sure to message us and inform us of the post.


Depending on the quality of artwork we will send you a fair amount of SNTVT. We will also post the art in the artwork section. Be sure to tweet the artwork to us in order for us to see it. We are currently only accepting high quality artwork for this. We will reward a high amount for Sentivate drawings.


Follow us on Github and we will send you 100 SNTVT tokens. We will send you another 100 for staring and watching the white paper repo. Be sure to message us on Discord or Telegram with your ETH address and your github username.